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Spring show in 1930's
Spring Show in 1930's

History of the Society


Following the opening of New Barnet station in 1850 the area around was soon developed and in 1897 local amateur gardeners got together to form our Society. The floral art section was added later and although they left for a time to run their own club, they rejoined us in the 1980's and we became The New Barnet Amateur Gardeners and Floral Art Society.

Originally there were four shows a year but the winter show was discontinued in the 60's as fewer people grew late flowering chrysanthemums and the summer show was cancelled at the end of the last century.



Bob Flowerdew, Eric Robson, John Cushnie, Anne Swithinbank

Gardeners Question Time Certtificate

In 1997 the team from Gardeners Question Time came to help us celebrate our centenary. About 350 people attended the recording and the Press noted that the speakers were impressed by the number and quality of the questions

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Now past our 120th year the Society continues to provide information and support to local gardeners..

The event was widely featured in the local newspapers.

A little more historical information is given in this article written by Beryl Govey

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