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Our next show is our
Autumn Show
on 7th September 2024

Here are some photos from our Autumn 2023 Show 

Autumn Show 2023 (10).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (9).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (8).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (5).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (6).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (3).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (2).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (7).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (1).jpg
Autumn Show 2023 (4).jpg

The shows have always been a key part of the Society year.

They are an opportunity for members to demonstrate their skills and be judged on the results.

There are three main show areas which are split into a number of classifications.

They are:-

   Plants including:




      house plants including cacti and succulents

   Floral Art

      entrants have a number of titles to interpret into floral        displays

   Home Produce including:


      cakes, jams and chutney

For details see the show schedule

The shows are held at St John's church hall, Mowbray Road, New Barnet EN5 1RH 

The show is open to the public between 2pm and 4pm. Tea and home made cakes are available as well as plants for sale.

Entrance is £2.00

The prizes and awards are presented at the end of the day - normally by our President, Theresa Villiers.

A list of current winners is given below.

Floral Art Exhibits

Junior Entries

2023 Prize Winners

Allen Cup - Linda Gevertz

Boulton Cup - Michaela Hobro-Creek

Challenge Cup - Michaela Hobro-Creek

Collings Cup - Michael Hobro-Creek

Daffodil Cup - Michaela Hobro-Creek

Dahlia Cup - Julie Scanes

Festival Cup - Highest points in Floral Arts for the year - Sarla Shah

Fruit Bowl  - Michaela Hobro-Creek

Floral Arts Best in Show Cup- Spring Show Sarla Shah; Autumn Show - Yvonne Olver

Floral Arts - Highest Points Cup Spring Show Jointly by Sarla Shah and Janet Towers and Autumn Show - Sarla Shah

Nan Asker Memorial Cup for Home Produce - Helen Anderton

Spring Show (2024) First Prize Winners

Floral Arts: Marita McCorquodale (1), Sarla Shah (1), Janet Towers (1), Jo Wakeham (1)

Horticulture:  Francis Bowden (1), Melle Chidgey (2), Janice Codling (4), Barbara Evans (1),

Linda Gevertz (3), Anne Higgins (4), Michaela Hobro-Creek (10), Joyce Johnstone (1),

Maria Jordan (2), Hilary Kidd (1), Lucille Masters (3), Peter Mitchell (1), Jo Wakeham (2),

Jenny Wootten (3)

Home Produce - First Prize winners: Helen Anderton (2), Melle Chidgey (1),  Lucille Masters (1),

Liz Pearson (1)

Junior First Prizes: Orla Hamilton (1), Nancy Meek (3)

Autumn Show (2023) First Prize Winners

Floral Arts:  Michaela Hobro-Creek (1),  Marita McCorquodale (1), Yvonne Olver (1), Sarla Shah (2)

Horticulture: Francis Bowden (4), Annie Brady (2), Pauline Brough (1), Michele Bubb (5),

Janice Codling (1), Barbara Evans (1), Leon Gevertz (1), Linda Gevertz (4), Anne Higgins (4),

Michaela Hobro-Creek (8), Maria Jordan (2), Hilary Kidd (4), Liz Pearson (1), Julie Scanes (5),

Jo Wakeham (1) 

Home Produce: Helen Anderton (1), Janice Codling (1), Anne Higgins (1), Julian Olver (1),

Jo Wakeham (1)

Junior First Prize; Orla Hamilton (1)

Autumn Show Schedule 2024 - coming soon

The following notes are taken from the RHS Show Guide for your assistance when entering an item into a show. The notes can be downloaded if you need a copy. Click on the small icon with a down arrow in the top bar of the document on the right hand side.

Coming Soon

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